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Coolant – cools the glue joint and encases any adhesive residue

clean.edge.system - the optimal solution for the woodworking industry! The solvent-free Liquid prevents escaping adhesive residues from adhering during the edge banding process of chipboards and MDF panels.

clean.edge.liquid 3 in 1

  1. Separating agent – prevents escaping adhesive residues from adhering to the work piece

  2. Coolant – cools the glue joint, encases adhesive residues, and discharges the edge band statically

  3. Cleaning agent – removes adhesive residues; scrapers will work more accurately and will be less prone to wear and tear

Benefit from the perfect match of system and Liquid for excellent product quality. Neatly banded edges are guaranteed!

Our competences, your benefit!

3 in 1 – separating agent, coolant, and cleaning agent



Economical consumption of compressed air and Liquid

Gentle on employees and on the environment

Time saving – no time-consuming topping up of cartridges required

Minimization of storage costs – no HAZMAT warehouse required

How does it work?

Your one for all!

Both system and cleaner are integrated in the edge-banding machine, offering an innovative system solution to automatic edge processing. The clean.edge.system works with fine atomizer nozzles that apply the Liquid precisely where it is required in the edge banding process. A fine spray mist positions the Liquid on the upper and lower edges of the chipboards and MDF panels. It is used as a separating agent prior to gluing, as a coolant during gluing, and as a cleaner after gluing the edges together.

Thanks to the integrated pressure tank, the time-consuming topping up of cartridges becomes obsolete. The optimal spraying pressure of the nozzles allows for minimal Liquid consumption and neat edges. Milling units and scrapers are protected from getting soiled, and manual cleaning of pressure rollers is not required any more.

The clean.edge.buffer.ring provides a perfect finish!

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